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Below you will find the level of contribution towards the maintenance costs of the garden for associated events at Blythswood Square Gardens.

Please note the dimensions of the Gardens are approximately 76m x 60m (250ft x 197ft). Marquees, stands and gazebos etc can be positioned in a variety of locations on the lawns which provide a spacious and secure venue.

Use of Gardens for Filming, Photography and Interviews etc:

Under 1 hours - handheld equipment only*


Under 2 hours with equipment*


Under 4 Hours with equipment*


Per day or part thereof 

Use of Gardens for Day and Evening Events, Parties, Weddings, Barbecues and Car and Product Launches etc per day or part thereof:

No equipment e.g. marquees, stands, gazebos etc or vehicle access


Parties / events with marquees, stands, gazebos etc


This includes until 12 noon at the latest on the following day for removal of equipment and litter etc.

*Available Monday - Friday office hours only.



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